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My parents asked me to send this to you.

"We postponed moving until we dreaded doing it ourselves. ElderMoves helped us plan our move, packed, moved and unpacked for us. We would recommend them to anyone."

Thanks so much for all your work to make my parents move so much easier.


(daughter of John and Beverley)

Peace of Mind, Seniors Moving Service Toronto

You're a senior and you’ve decided it’s time to move.
Who can you turn to for help?

Your move isn’t like a younger person’s move. There are things that ordinary movers just won’t do for you. You and your possessions deserve specialists who understand the needs of seniors. To find out more about how ElderMoves is different from other movers, and what that means for seniors lke you, click here.

Just because you're a senior, are you sure you have to move? Staying in your home might be possible.

If you want to stay in your home, it’s often possible. Your safety, accessibility and mobility are key to a workable solution. Click here to find out how our advisors can work with you to develop a special plan to make staying in your own home a success.

Is thinking about moving overwhelming? Help from an expereinced organizer early on can make it easier.

It’s the sorting, organizing and physical tasks of your move that are the hardest. How much of what you have can you take? Be prepared to downsize, de-clutter, organize and discard. Click here to find out how we can make this part of your move easier than you could ever imagine.

What are you going to do with a lifetime of possessions when you downsize?
If your kids don’t want them, what now?

The process of deciding what you keep, what you give to your family, what you donate and what you must dispose of is a huge task. You don’t have to tackle it alone. To find out how we can work with you to make this process easier, click here.

Would anyone buy any of your possessions?
A professional valuation can tell you if what you have may be valuable to someone.

Many of the items you no longer want, can be converted to cash. The problem is, knowing what is saleable and finding buyers. We deal with professionals who make the sales process go smoother. To find out more about converting some of your old possessions into cash, click here.

What will you need in your new home when you downsize? Just exactly what is going to fit and work?

When you last moved house, you were likely moving into a larger place and working out what you needed to buy to fill it up. Now the question is, what do you bring to your new place to make it comfortable and functional? You need to analyze your needs and make a plan. Easier said than done. To see how our advisors will works with you to make your new space work, click here.


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