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About ElderMoves, the senior move specialists

ElderMoves was founded in 1996 by Jill O’Donnell, owner of Complete Geriatric Care (now IRIS: Consulting for Seniors Inc.). In her extensive work with seniors, Jill found a huge lack of service in the seniors' world. Regular movers simply moved things from one address to another. After delivery, they left seniors to fend for themselves.

Jill knew from her dealings with seniors, that packing, unpacking, setting-up and even planning the effort was not only physically demanding, but is also emotionally stressful for many seniors.

Jill decided that it was important that someone step up and help seniors through these trying times. With that decision ElderMoves was born and is now the complete moving service for seniors in the GTA and has been copied by other organizations around Canada.

ElderMoves has a core of experts in various fields that consult with seniors, direct planning and oversee moves. Their selected moving contractors are trained to take special care when moving seniors.

As a senior, why should you choose Elder Moves?

For over twenty years ElderMoves has been dedicated to assisting older adults and their families with the physical and emotional demands of moving, downsizing and relocating. We also provide the necessary project management expertise required for creating a stay at home environment, including designing home modifications and construction oversight.

We’re more than just a moving company

Your needs as an older person are different from what a regular moving company can provide. Our services are diverse and comprehensive to suit those needs.

The financial, safety, and communication issues you face in this very important life transition are not the interest of a regular moving company. They are amongst our prime interests.

Your potential health issues and how they might have an impact on your home life are clear to us, partly because of our direct connection with IRIS: Consulting for Seniors.

Your personal property management issues are outside of the scope of regular moving companies. We find reward in being able to help you rid yourself of the weight of many past possessions and are happy to assist with appraisals related to art works, jewelry, vehicles, furniture as well as staging your house for home sales and more.

You know it’s more than going from point A to point B. Working with ElderMove includes:

  • The sorting, organizing and appraisal of your possessions. What goes to your family, to charitable organizations, for sale through auction, into short-term storage or for recycling/trash.
  • If you’re selling your home, you might need house-staging help to bring in the value your old home deserves.
  • Your new residence needs a floor plan and you will have to plan for new living requirements, from plates and cups to furniture and safety features.
  • You need a moving inventory so you know what is what.
  • You need reliable people to pack, unpack and set you up in your new home.
  • Plus you need what a regular mover supplies – moving your goods.

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