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As a senior, sometimes moving or renovating your living space isn't enough to solve your issues

If you have issues beyond the need to move, our sister company, IRIS Consulting for Seniors, might be what you are looking for.

Are you having mobility issues?

  • Are you having difficulty getting up and down stairs?
  • Are you afraid of falling?
  • Do you tire easily even when walking short distances?

IRIS can help you find out what the problem is and bring in the resources, services or equipment, to make it easier and safer for you to get around.

Are you having health care issues?

  • Are you seeing a doctor (when was your last checkup)?
  • Are your teeth hurting and you are unable to eat those things that you need and want?
  • Are your medications doing what you expect them to?
  • Are you having trouble reading or watching TV?
  • Do people seem like they are mumbling or are you missing out on conversations?

IRIS can help you find a doctor or dentist. A professional can review your medications to make sure they work well together. IRIS can arrange for vision and hearing tests and make sure that you get to and from your appointments safely.

Sometimes seniors feel isolated, do you?

  • Do you feel lonely and isolated?
  • Are you unable to get out to see family and friends?
  • How about excursions for shopping and entertainment.

We all need human contact to flourish. IRIS can connect you with programs where you can socialize with others who share your interests. They can help get you out and about to do those things you want.

As a senior, do you need someone on your side to deal with the government and institutions?

  • Are you getting the service you are entitled to from our health care system?
  • Are there financial or legal issues that are troubling you?

IRIS will help you navigate the system to make sure you get the care you need. We can help you find the right professional to help you with other issues.

To see if IRIS can help you, visit their website at http://irisforseniors.com

Or contact them directly through e-mail by

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