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Senior wondering about moving

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Frequently Asked Questions

I may be a senior, but I don’t want to move, why should I?

There can be many reasons why it is time to move. Your home may be too large for you to occupy and maintain. If there is more than one level, you may have trouble getting up to your bedroom or to the bathroom.

Are you the only one in your home? It is important to have people in our lives. If you can’t live with family, think about moving to where you can make new friends who share the same interests as you.

Perhaps you are tired of meal preparation, house cleaning and home maintenance. Most retirement communities have housekeeping services and provide nutritious and well balanced meals in a pleasant atmosphere.

Perhaps you are caregiver to your spouse and it is becoming overwhelming. Moving to the right place would reduce those caregiving responsibilities.

As a senior, what should I take to my new home?

Take only what you absolutely need. Your new home will be much smaller than your old one and the windows will be much larger, leaving less room for furniture and wall hangings. There probably won’t be room for that big dining room set or that oversized couch.

Do you really need all those pots and pans? Four of each, glasses, plates etc., will do. You will probably eat most meals in the dining room. If you want to have company over, your new home will probably have a private room where you and your family can meet and dine.

What should a senior put in storage?

Nothing, if possible! Storage is costly. What you put in storage is usually there for a long time. Things that won’t be used in your new home should be given to family, sold, donated or otherwise disposed of. ElderMoves will help you deal with those things you can’t take with you.

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