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How ElderMoves can help seniors with their moving

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You're a Senior, How Can We Help You?


Packing, moving and setting up

ElderMoves can help with the sorting, organizing and physical tasks associated with your move. Lowering your stress is one of our goals. Our service includes all of the following:

  • Boxes and packing materials including specialized boxes for clothing, pictures and mirrors.
  • Your possessions are carefully wrapped and packed so they will not get broken in transit.
  • We unpack your boxes, set up your furniture, connect your electronics, place your things in drawers, closets and cabinets, plus hang your pictures.
  • We clear your new home of all the boxes and packing materials used in the move.
  • And we do all of this in a couple of days for a regular move.
  • We do the heavy lifting, and the delicate setting up, while you can relax.

We make sure everything is in place, clothes in the closet, pictures hung, dishes in the cupboard, beds made and minor repairs.

Assessment: As a senior, what services do you really need?

Planning Your Move

For your move to go smoothly, you need a full service company. Your life will be much more stress free when the company you hire helps you plan your move and provides all of the services that you want and need to make your move a success.

What do you need to take with you that will work for your lifestyle? How do you accomplish this? What’s the floor plan of your new residence and what do you need to furnish and live there? How do you pack everything so that it arrives in one piece? What do you need to modify in your new place to make it a home?

We can help you with everything from paint selection and decorating to doing the actual move to overseeing your contractors.

Evaluation: You're a senior, but do you really need to move?

Staying at home

If you’re like many people, you want to stay in the home that you have shared with your family for many years. You need experienced help to decide if this is possible and having expert help will make it easier to decide on the home improvements, equipment and services that are necessary for a safe, happy and healthy life in your own home.

If you want to stay in your own home, you have to take into account the safety, accessibility and mobility issues of your present situation. Our experts work with you to re-think everything in your home so that your goal of independent, home-based living can be realized whether you live in a house, condominium or apartment.

You can have us:

  • Work with you to prioritize what areas of your home require modification to achieve your desires.
  • Design a floor plan of your existing space so it works better.
  • Evaluate what you want and need in your home to make it work better.
  • Help you decide what you need to sell, donate or discard
  • Analyze your home for safety issues and eliminate any common in-home hazards.
  • Organize your support services, such as nursing, meal preparation, home making and house maintenance.
  • Oversee your contractors to ensure you get what you contracted for.

Advocacy: As a senior, sometimes you need someone to speak for you.

There are a bewildering array of services, both government and private that can have an impact upon your future. Some of them can be daunting, bureaucratic and even seem hostile. A professional, knowledgeable voice in your corner will go a long way to getting you the services you deserve.

Appraisal: Getting fair value from your possessions.

It’s often difficult to place a real-world value on your possessions. You may own some things that are far more valuable than you imagine, and some of your possessions may hold great value to you but even your family doesn’t want them. Our advisor will work with you to make these difficult choices and help you to move those possessions out.

Settlement: After the move

Once your possessions are moved into your new place, there are a host of little things to be done, from setting up your electronics to hanging your pictures. We don’t leave them for you to do.

This is part of our moving service.

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